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Liana Planz

Hi and welcome to my athletic profile.  I am a competitive swimmer in High School and in Club.  Swimming life started for the love of the beach life.  The day I was caught in a rip current, is when my mother put me in swim lesson.  At my local YMCA is when I started to learn about club swimming and was approached by a coach to join the swim club. Ever since then swimming has been part of me.  

I am a certified lifeguard and swim instructor where I work at the Belton Swimming pool. Everyone should have a chance to learn to swim.  I believe it is a life skill that everyone needs to learn and that all schools need to provide.  Because of my swimming skills I was able to swim away from a rip current multiple times.  Without the swimming skills who knows what could have happened.


My Passion

As a military child, I have traveled all around the world.  I had to learn to quickly adjust and be flexible to change.  I had to learn to transition to one surrounding culture to the next.  I may have had a crazy lifestyle moving every three years, but it made me who I am today.

My passion is traveling and learning new cultures and way of life in other countries.  I may not be open to new foods, but I do try.  Because of the moving situation throughout the military life, it made me want to travel.  I cannot stay in one place too long.  I start to itch for something new.  I guess this can be good in a way.  I am not afraid of change and I get to meet people from all over.

I am curious where my passion will lead me to.  Will I be living in a different country?  Will I join the service just so that I can have the same lifestyle I grew up in? Who knows.  I am just going with the flow and live my life to the fullest and enjoy every step I take.

My Goals

My goals is to become a physical therapist.  I am aiming to help wounded service members and give them a second chance in activity and mobility in life. I have been accepted to QUEENS UNIVERSITY in Charlotte, NC.  There I will study Exercise science/Kinesiology, in hopes to getting an intern with the NFL or NBA for a semester and then intern in a hospital setting.

I am still debating on joining the Air Force ROTC program in Charlotte.  Although I am a military child, I am not yet sure if the military route is how I want to choose my path.  I do now I want to be surrounded by service members and their community, because I am familiar and comfortable with such community, the same community I grew up in.

My main Events

I am a sprinter and mid-distance swimmer.  My favorite event is the fly, however, one of the hardest strokes to swim.

200 Fly
100 Fly

200 IM

200 Free
100 Free

My Accomplishments

I am a sprinter and mid-distance swimmer.  My favorite event is the fly, however, one of the hardest strokes to swim.
I also take my academics seriously and do not like to have anything below a 90% in my assignments or exams.  My favorite subject is anything in biology, physiology, anything that deals with the body and muscles.


200 IM club record
200 Free club record
100 Fly club record
200 Free Relay School Record
District Swimmer 4x
Regional Swimmer 4X
Sectional Swimmer 4x
Future Swimmer 3X


  • National Honor Society 4 years in a row
  • THSCA Award 4 years in a row
  • Top 5% ranking 4 years in a row
  • No lower than 3.9 GPA score 4 years in a row

How do I help my community?

Being part of a community is very important to me. I believe that if I can teach one child to swim, I am saving their life knowing that I taught them swim safety.



I am a certified lifeguard and swim instructor. I have been life guarding and teaching swim lessons since 2020.



I am team captain in my swim team and love coaching others on safe technique and coaching through tough training.



Although I spend most of my time in the pool, I do like volunteering whenever I can. I put in a few hours for the National Honor Society.

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Swimming is a lifestyle and everyone should be able to swim and have access to swim lessons. Schedule your swim lesson now with me.